How to Migrate Watson Conversation service (now Watson Assistant) from Test to Production

You’ve created some intents, entities, answers, dialog flows. You have hopefully gone through some iterative testing cycles to validate. Now, you want to promote those changes from your Test to Production environment, so what do you do?

Promoting Your Entire Workspace

Your Watson Conversation Service (WCS) configuration, which is your intents, entities, dialogs, etc are all stored in a workspace. When you want to do a complete migration or promotion from your Test to Production environment, you want to update your Production workspace using the WCS ‘updateWorkspace‘ API. This will take your JSON export from the Test workspace and update your Production workspace with everything it contains.

The benefit to using this method is that the ‘workspace_id’ will remain the same so any external component relying on that ‘workspace_id’ will not require change.

Other Options to Move Workspace Data

Another option available to move or share workspaces, is to use the WCS tooling to export your Test workspace and import it into your Production environment. The challenge with this is that WCS will assign it a new/different ‘workspace_id’ so any existing external components relying on that will need to be updated. So be careful here.

If you only made changes to your intents or entities and you only want to promote those specific changes, you can leverage the respective APIs which are documented here to allow you to do so.

Using any of these approaches, please note that you still will need to consider some time to account for the training of the workspace updates to complete.

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