Infuse AI into Salesforce With IBM Watson’s Next Best Action

One of the most common questions I get is How does Watson work inside of Salesforce? As I’ve been a part of the IBM Watson family since 2014 and have worked with the Watson-Salesforce partnership team over the last few years, I’d like to share some knowledge based on my experience to provide clarity and direction in your AI journey — and to get results & value quickly.

How does IBM Watson work inside of Salesforce?

The real question here is “How do I infuse AI With Watson into my Salesforce environment?” The answer is there are several IBM “With Watson” solutions that are in the market that get you deployed With Watson AI quickly and easily — anywhere from a few weeks to as short as a few hours. These were built based on experience and research in understanding how to make both the IBM Watson and Salesforce platforms, better together.

One of the IBM solutions I will focus on here is called “Next Best Action With Watson”. It is an offering that seamlessly infuses Watson AI into Salesforce Service Cloud to “help agents work their cases more efficiently”. That may sound a bit vague so what exactly does that mean? Keep reading — for full detail, watch the short clip below to see it in action.

See “Next Best Action With Watson” in Action

But why this is a valuable and compelling solution? Why should you start your journey with “Next Best Action With Watson?” Its simple. The value statements are that this provides fast time to value, increased time to resolution, automation, transparency, and reliability, to name a few. The reality is that this helps your organization realize a significant amount of revenue savings usually spent on things like employee training, churn, escalations, admin processes and other systems to try and manage customer retention.

It is built on the Salesforce platform and leverages the existing Salesforce framework — so it is a seamless and natural integration for your user base. Finally, IBM Watson has the most robust and battle-tested AI platform in the market with many key differentiating services and capabilities, some of which I’ll mention here.

Key Differentiators

“Next Best Action With Watson” includes key differentiating AI capabilities such as Natural Language Understanding where you can customize machine learnings models with Watson Knowledge Studio to focus on your business specifics. It includes Watson Tone Analyzer to understand the emotion of your customer base that is used to trigger and enhance many business processes. Finally, it includes Watson Natural Language Classification which is a service built off of more than a decade of experience in the AI market and research.

Other key features and aspects of “Next Best Action With Watson include a) continuous learning, supervised or optionally unsupervised learning, to allow Watson to continue to learn after deployed, b) automated email template response generation to allow agents to respond to customers faster and with more continuity, c) AI-powered data to be leveraged in your reports and dashboards, and d) framework to allow for robotic process automation to automate common tasks.

Time to Value

The best part here is that it does not take months to realize the value. “Next Best Action With Watson” is deployed and tailored it to meet your needs all within a ~3 week timeframe. Your agents will then begin to the see the value immediately. This will allow you to see near immediate return on investment and continue to expand your Salesforce platform with Watson-powered solutions in your AI journey!

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