Run at Watson speed with Box Custom Skills

The Box Skills framework was made available to the general public last month. However, at IBM Watson we have been working closely with our strategic partner Box, a powerful ECM platform, and early adopter clients for some time – at what we call #WatsonSpeed. Let me explain what that means for you and your enterprise.

What are Box Skills?

The Skills framework enables Box to bring the powerful AI capabilities of IBM Watson to all of your enterprise content that is stored in Box. There are a various “out of the box” AI models that Watson provides that lead to instant value. You also can tailor a skill to your specific needs – we call this “Custom Skills With Watson.” Watson turns enterprise content into insightful data, making it more searchable and consumable for your business. This is VERY cool stuff!

How can IBM Watson help your enterprise?

Over this past year, I’ve worked with many clients across various industries to understand their business, solve their challenges, and optimize their business processes. The most popular area of focus has been around enriching documents with Watson AI. This is a key differentiating area for Watson, boasting services such as Watson Knowledge Studio and Watson Natural Language Understanding to help understand client documents to achieve business goals. Our services offering, Customized Document Insights, provides instant time to value and has inspired many other use cases.

We’ve worked with a lot of great clients. Here are just a few client use cases where we have implemented Box Custom Skills With Watson:

  • On-boarding new clients: Watson classifies, parses, understands, and extracts data from financial forms to automate and speed up the on-boarding process, reducing error rates, and significantly improving the customer experience.
  • Loan application automation: Automate the underwriting process to identify and classify incoming banking documents, tag them with key metadata to enrich them, and then route them to the proper location, triggering the next step of the underwriting process with Watson.
  • Contract analysis: Watson reads and understands your contracts while identifying key pieces of data within them to highlight specific clauses or phrases, tags those contracts with that metadata, and processes them according to the business workflow.
  • Call center optimization: Watson analyzes call center recordings to reduce the randomization on quality assurance, identifying critical issues or areas of improvement, to enhance business processes and coach employees to provide an enhanced customer experience.
  • Court case recording analytics: Watson analyzes recordings of depositions to automatically transcribe the interaction, translates it into another language, and flags and tags the recorded files with critical legal topics to trigger other business processes.

Why IBM Watson?

Watson has several key differentiating capabilities that clients are benefiting from, such as:

  • True AI platform: Watson is not just one thing, it is a platform. Watson has the most comprehensive and battle-tested platform of AI services on the market, with many key differentiating capabilities.
  • Customization: Watson allows you to easily customize a model for your use case in the most dimensions, and less data required for training.
  • Data privacy: Your data is your data! IBM Watson offers an opt-out option and does not use your data in any way other than for your use case.
  • Speed: Watson executes Custom Skills in as little as a few seconds, not hours, to meet the business demands of today’s fast-paced enterprise.
  • Scalability: Custom Skills With Watson scales immediately, not in days or weeks.

How do I get started with Watson and Custom Skills?

At IBM, we have been running at #WatsonSpeed with Box Custom Skills and our amazing clients, and you can too! Take a look at some example code and see how quick and easy it is to deploy and realize value from a Box Custom Skill with Watson.

For more information, visit Watson Solutions for Box Custom Skills.

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