Timesheet entry data availability in RTC & Insight Data Warehouse

CLM included new ETLs for Timesheet Entry data in RTC version 4.0.4.

First, with respect to RTC itself, I found out that the RTC 4.0.4 Timesheet ETL requires a patch to get the Java ETLs to work correctly.

With respect to using Rational Insight, a user would only see the Timesheet ETLs in the Data Manager ETL catalog if they downloaded the version 4.0.4 and higher Data Manager PKG ETLs files from RTC. What I found to be a bit confusing, was that they are labeled with the version 4.0.3:



Development confirmed that the reason that they are labeled with 4.0.3 and not 4.0.4 was because these ETL jobs were originally scheduled for RTC version 4.0.3 but were actually delivered in 4.0.4. So, if you have integrated Insight with RTC 4.0.4 or  higher, expect to see these Timesheet ETLs under the RTC 4.0.3 jobs folder.

This Timesheet ETL job will run against RTC version 4.0.3. I have implemented this successfully. If you have integrated Insight (v1.1.1.2) with RTC v4.0.3 and want the Timesheet entry data job, you will need to do the following:

  1. Obtain the etl PKG file for RTC 4.0.4
  2. Create a new “test” Insight ETL catalog in Data Manager
  3. Import the Insight OOTB ETL catalog, then import the JTS/RTC PKG files from version 4.0.4.
  4. Once imported, create a new package file and select only the “RTC_Timesheet403” & “RTC_Timesheet403_FullLoad” jobs (located in RTCJobs > RTC4.0.3Jobs).
  5. Now, launch your ETL package where you require the Timesheet jobs and import the new PKG file you just created in the previous step.

Please note that IBM considers this a customization and that you will own this solution as it is not officially supported by IBM. My legal disclaimer applies here.

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